Welcome to the Real Estate resource blog!

This is a blog hopefully like no other. It's just all about fun and informative Real Estate tidbits. Whether you're dreaming big, dreaming second home or first time buyer, this site will have a little something for everyone.

My best inspirations come from window shopping. I look through magazines, Pinterest, as a Real Estate agent - other peoples homes, many different resources to get ideas on Real Estate. This blog is like you are window shopping right along with me.

I am a Real Estate agent as well as investor. Here's a little history about me.

When I was 23 years old, I found a home that was scheduled for demolition. I fell in love with that little home and "saved it's life." After renting it for 6 months and giving it a minor make-over, I made an arrangement to take the house with me when I moved out and save the developer the cost of demolition. It was a win-win! They gave me the house for free, so I moved the house about a mile away onto a lot I purchased under contract. Once the house was down on the foundation, I refinanced and cashed out the property earning about a 50% instant equity in the home.

7 years later I married, rented the little house out for 10 years, bought up - a few times, continuing to rent each home, and eventually invested in multi-family properties. We later invested in recreation properties, homes to flip and other real estate investments.

This is a market like we won't see again soon. Someone recently referred to it as reminiscent of "Rockefeller" days. This blog is here to inspire and inform. I will post things that I am interested in. Whether it's starter homes, flips, rentals, multi-family properties, vacation properties, commercial opportunities - who knows. Opportunities are endless and sometimes it just takes looking at something in a different light to get inspired.

If this inspires you to make a purchase or sell your property, please contact me - I'd love to help!